February 28, 2017


Tuesday 30 May

From 14:00

At the Stanhope Hotel

4 Square De Meeûs entrance

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Conference Programme (as of 26 May)


Six decades ago, the Rome treaty was signed. It enabled the expansion of the Community’s powers to non-economic domains, in an effort to create a new European identity, one united in diversity. With the current backdrop of rising extremism and intolerance, the promotion of these ideas and values is more important now than ever. The role of creators and their creative and cultural industries (CCI) ecosystem in keeping these objectives has always been central, not only through its binding nature, contributing largely to the development of the European identity, but also as a driving economic force that creates jobs and growth, especially for young people, across the continent.


“Meet The Authors” is a concept organised by GESAC–the European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers–that brings together European decision makers on the one hand, and authors on the other hand. Taking place at a time when a set of legislative copyright proposals, the so-called Copyright Package, is being examined by the European Parliament and the Member States, this event is the perfect opportunity to debate and exchange views on how to best prepare for a future of creativity and creators within a dynamic and competitive European Single Digital Market.


Simultaneous translation into English, French, and Spanish.


 14:00 > 14:30

 Welcome coffee and registration


Welcome coffee and registration open at 14:00. You can retrieve you badge and event programme at the registration desk which you’ll find at the Square de Meeûs 4 entrance of the Stanhope Hotel.


 14:30 > 15:15

 Opening of “Meet the Authors”

Véronique Desbrosses – General Manager of GESAC

Andrus Ansip – Vice-President of the Commission

Ambassador Juan Arístegui – Deputy Spanish Permanent Representative to the European Union

Jan A. P. Kaczmarek – Polish Oscar-winning composer

Daniel Buren – French visual artist


 15:15 > 16:15

 What do authors want from Europe?

Changes in the way creative works are consumed are constant and evolving. Today, fans find their favourite art online, in a variety of ways beyond ownership of a physical format. The creative sector experiences these major changes and is also at the forefront of pro-active responses to such shifts, embracing new ways of reaching far wider audiences than ever before. However, UUC platforms have been disregarding the very source of the creative economy, the creator. They have been funnelling the value of the works they provide access to, hiding behind legislative loopholes to avoid sharing value fairly with the creators of the content their business model depends on. The copyright reform that is currently taking place is the opportunity for the European institutions to update its legislation to the realities of the market, and to hear out those most affected by the changes they are working on implementing. So what exactly is it that authors expect from Europe? This question will be raised to five creators by the Chair of the Creative Industries Intergroup, MEP Christian Ehler, for a constructive debate on creators’ expectations.

Christian Ehler – Member of the European Parliament (EPP, Germany), Chair of the Creative Industries Intergroup

Fred Castadot – Screenwriter (Belgium)

Christian Guémy (C215) - Visual artist (France)

Wayne Hector – Songwriter (UK)

Jana Kirschner – Singer songwriter (Slovakia)

Bea Palya – Singer songwriter, actress (Hungary)


 16:15 > 16:45

The Copyright Directive and transfer of value


Transfer of value, or the fact that UUC platforms who base their business models on providing access to content with barely, if any, return to the creators of the works, is one of the issues that the Commission chose to address in the Copyright Directive it proposed in September 2016. Although transfer of value is widely understood by Parliament, the solution offered by the Commission in its proposal has not yet reached a clear consensus. The rapporteur for the file, MEP Comodini Cachia, will deliver a video message. MEP Helga Trüpel, shadow rapporteur for the file in the CULT Committee, and leading professor on the matter, and advisor to the French government, Prof. Sirinelli, will debate on the merit of the solutions proposed by the Commission, and those proposed in the draft opinions.

Therese Comodini Cachia – Member of the European Parliament (EPP, Malta), Rapporteur on the Copyright Directive (video address)

Helga Trüpel – Member of the European Parliament (The Greens, Germany), Shadow Rapporteur of the CULT Opinion on the Copyright Directive

Pierre Sirinelli – Private Law and Criminal Science Professor, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne


David El Sayegh – Secretary General, Sacem


 16:45 > 17:15

Coffee and networking break


 17:15 > 17:45

 The tech industry in the copyright reform


The copyright reform as currently proposed by the European Commission, sets an obligation for platforms to cooperate with rights holders. This obligation will require different parties to better work together to identify which protected content is used and remunerate the authors of that content appropriately, based on this use. Some tech companies have been offering the technology to do this for many years, and make this accessible to small and big companies alike. MEP Løkkegaard and Mr Edwards from Audible Magic will discuss the practical and technical aspects of existing and developing technologies and how these can play a role in the copyright reform proposals. Whether their use would successfully comply with the requirements of the proposed Directive and the existing legal framework in the EU will also be clarified during the discussion.

Morten Løkkegaard – Member of the European Parliament (ALDE, Denmark)

Mike Edwards – Vice President Music Licensing and European Operations, Audible Magic


Niels Mosumgaard – Composer (Denmark)


 17:45 > 18:45

What does the European Parliament propose?


The European Parliament currently has a number of Committees working on the proposals for a Copyright Directive and for an Online Broadcasting Regulation. Both these pieces of legislation are set to have major repercussions on the way authors are remunerated online. MEPs that are closely involved with these issues will be interviewed by two authors on their views of where the copyright reform should be headed and how the proposals of the European Parliament will affect creators.

Crispin Hunt – Songwriter (UK)

Micki Meuser – Composer (Germany)

Pervenche Berès – Member of the European Parliament (S&D, France), Co-chair of the Creative Industries Intergroup

Georgios Grammatikakis – Member of the European Parliament (S&D, Greece)

Zdzisław Krasnodębski – Member of the European Parliament (ECR, Poland), Rapporteur of the ITRE Opinion for the Copyright Directive

Antonio López-Istúriz White – Member of the European Parliament (EPP, Spain), Secretary General of EPP

Jens Rohde – Member of the European Parliament (ALDE, Denmark)

Tiemo Wölken – Member of the European Parliament (S&D, Germany), Rapporteur for the online broadcasting Regulation


 18:45 > 19:15

 Closing of the forum “Meet the Authors”

Tibor Navracsics – European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport

Ambassador Pierre Sellal – French Permanent Representative to the European Union

Christophe Depreter – President of GESAC


 19:15 > 20:30

 Cocktail and concert by Fiona Bevan, supported by Lady Linn