Creators give European decision makers pointers for a creative agenda to boost growth and jobs

Brussels, 24/09/2014 – Creators and their authors’ societies called on MEPs and other European decision makers to take action towards cultural and creative industries by presenting their “Call for a European Creative Agenda for Growth and Jobs”.

Creators and MEPs abound today, at the « Meet The Authors » event organised by GESAC, the organisation that represents 34 European authors’ societies and their 920,000 members. It was the occasion for authors and decision makers to meet on stage and discuss one of the current Brussels hot topics: copyright and the creative industries.

Insisting on the importance of the creative sector and the central role copyright plays in sustaining the creative and cultural industry’s position, authors stepped up their constructive involvement in the debate by providing decision makers with seven points to set up a “European Creative Agenda for Growth and Jobs”.

The points outlined the need for decision makers to secure creators’ rights and recognise the importance of authors’ societies in the digital economy. An emphasis was put on means for creators to better benefit from the digital economy by “re-balancing value transfer from online intermediaries”, as well as maintaining existing sources of copyright revenues such as private copy levies, and promoting new ones.

Ways to preserve the ongoing contribution of the creative industries to the European economy, and thereby the digital market, were underlined. The call asked for a more ambitious cultural policy, facilitating access and circulation of creative works, and creating a better awareness of copyright and culture in Europe.

With this new approach, creators and their authors’ societies are banking on a debate that takes into account the central role of creators and copyright—the author’s pay—in the digital market. The forty-some MEPs (including two Parliament Vice Presidents), and other high ranking European decision makers certainly seemed all ears.

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For the full Call for Action by creators and their authors’ societies, click here. If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Aurelia Leeuw (contact details above).

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